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Liposomal supplements provide the highest bioavailability (up to 90%) of any oral delivery system of nutrients, compared to the 10-20% bioavailability typical of traditional pill based supplements. Liposomal supplements are typically 4.5 times stronger per dose.

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  • I've been using this product since October as my son had two operations and osteomyelitis. As he had been on so much antibiotics for the previous six months I was worried about his immune system. This is such a brilliant product, it has definitely helped his immune system, he hasn't gotten any winter illness and is back playing football again! I would not be without this now!

  • I highly recommend this product we as a family have been using this product for over a year. Helping with our immune systems as I would be low in Vitamins D and C. We haven’t had any colds or flu this year and another member uses it to help his condition Asbestos and he definitely thinks it has helped his chest and immune system. Thank you Porebski 5 Star Company

  • Very good for a winter time, especially in the countries like Ireland ;)

  • This product has amazing results. I contracted shingles in January the nerve endings in my arm nd shoulder hadnt healed up and I had very limited movement. Since starting to take Liposomal vitamins C+D3+K2mk7. It has all healed.