Health Coaching

Empowering You Achieve Your Lifestyle Goals

As a Nutrition and Health Coach my commitment is to help people achieve their health, diet, and lifestyle goals.



I am Aleksandra Porebska a certified Nutrition and Health Coach from the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health, dedicated to supporting individuals in realizing their health, dietary, and lifestyle objectives.

For many years I served customers as a Qualified Financial Advisor in prominent banks both in Poland and Ireland. Throughout my career I found immense joy in working closely with people and providing them with valuable assistance. My ability to listen attentively and guide individuals has always been a strong suit of mine.

However the course of my life underwent a profound transformation following my husband's accident in 2007. Until that moment we had been living life to the fullest believing ourselves to be invincible due to our youth and strength. However the accident compelled us to make a complete lifestyle overhaul.

When traditional medicine offered no hope for rebuilding Ryszard's immune system and he was sent home with a broken leg and a severely compromised immune system we decided to take matters into our own hands. Ryszard's mother, a retired doctor, directed our attention toward high doses of vitamins. This revelation ignited my passion for helping people rebuild their immune systems through proper nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.

I pursued my education at the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health ( and today I am dedicated to empowering my clients to achieve their health goals. If you're seeking assistance in enhancing your well-being I would be delighted to support you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Get in toutch on+353 87 7702486 to schedule appointment.